Our History:

Builders Supply began as Fort Payne Brick and Block in the late 1950's. Our founder, Mr. Paul Crow started as co-owner and eventually purchased the company outright. He started offering wider selections of high-quality materials. We haven't stopped growing since! Today, in addition to concrete block and their related accessories, Builders Supply offers everything you need to build your new dream home or spruce- up your current home.

In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Builders Supply had a home building company called Valley Homes, from that company came our Truss Division. Today we still build high quality Roof and Floor Trusses. We can engineer any style or design of roof truss your plans calls for. We also sell I-Joist and LVL beams.

In the 1980's we started a division called the Door Shop. We built interior and exterior door units among other things like gable vents and shutters. Since then that division has changed. Today this is our Pallet Shop. We build standard and custom size pallets and wooden crates.

In 2006 we started what we call our Commercial Sales Division. This division sells speciality merchandise for the Hosiery Industry and other commercial customers in Fort Payne and the surrounding area. They also sell Janitorial Supplies to schools, housing management companies and other industry in our area.