Builders Supply Co. produces a wide range of wooden pallets, including the standard 48x40 new pallets as well as custom sizes built to your exact specifications. By using different types of wood, we provide the optimum cost/performance ratios for each application. Our pallet types range from softwood pallets, which are less expensive and typically discarded after shipping, to more complex hardwood  pallets that can be lifted from all four sides and can be used again.

We can build and deliver truckloads of standard or custom-sized new pallets. We also fulfill small volume orders for customers who need only a few pallets, or have specialized pallet design requirements.

We are also registered to build certifiable crates and pallets for overseas exporting. We can stamp the rates that they are heat treated (HT) to meet the new IPPC-ISPM15 standards, which allows the exporter to show that coniferous material has been heat-treated to a minimum core temperature of 56º for 30 minutes. These standards are designed to prevent the spread of invasive species, insects, and plant diseases.

Builders Suply Co. produces all of the most commonly used pallets including the Grocery Manufacturers' Association (GMA) pallet, The ISO recognizes the GMA pallet footprint as one of its six standard sizes.


Builders Supply also produces plywood and wood slat crates.  These can be produced in any size or shape from very small to very large.  They also can be stamped with the IPPC stampes for shipment overseas.